Early Retirement?

Do you dream of retiring at 55?  Ever thought about what it would take to actually make this a reality?  For many it means cutting all extraneous costs such as meals out or travel, but there are other ways to help take a few years off your career.  Maya Kachroo Levine for Forbes highlights these strategies to begin in your twenties:

–Don’t start spending more because you’re making more
–Start saving more, and maxing out multiple retirement accounts
–Look for side work that you can sustain in the long term
–Focus on owning your home outright
–Find a sacrifice that you’re willing to make that most people deem, “necessary”
–Set up passive income streams.

For more, read her complete article, 6 Steps You Can Take In Your 20s To Help You Retire Before 60.


Have You Written a Money Letter?

imageDear Reader,

Did you know that writing a simple “money” letter to your children will have more of an impact on their spending habits than just telling them your thoughts and feelings about money?

This week, why not think back to your biggest money successes and failures (these are often most helpful), put pen to paper and send your child a note that can have a deep and lasting effect on their lives?  If you’re lucky, they’ll listen to your advice and you might even find yourself featured in a book, like Gail Shearer did when her daughter Kimberly wrote the book, Smart Mom, Rich Mom, based on the money letter she received from her mother.

Need advice on just what to say?  Check out this article from the New York Times, The Money Letter That Every Parent Should Write.