Save A Penny, Watch It Grow

Did you know that saving $667.95 in a year is as easy as putting your spare change into a jar each night?  With this simple formula and free printable provided by Smart School House, you could be on your way to a great weekend trip or some extra Christmas cheer.  It also makes a good savings activity for children.  Try it and let us know how it goes for you!


Have You Written a Money Letter?

imageDear Reader,

Did you know that writing a simple “money” letter to your children will have more of an impact on their spending habits than just telling them your thoughts and feelings about money?

This week, why not think back to your biggest money successes and failures (these are often most helpful), put pen to paper and send your child a note that can have a deep and lasting effect on their lives?  If you’re lucky, they’ll listen to your advice and you might even find yourself featured in a book, like Gail Shearer did when her daughter Kimberly wrote the book, Smart Mom, Rich Mom, based on the money letter she received from her mother.

Need advice on just what to say?  Check out this article from the New York Times, The Money Letter That Every Parent Should Write.  

Just Who Are You Paying?

CreditCardLogos_000How many recurring charges are on your credit card at the moment? You may be surprised.  A new service, Trim, will scan your bills, produce a list of these payments and cancel ones you wish to no longer utilize.  This is a free service from Trim as they attempt to build a client base for their personal finance assistance business.  Even if you choose not to employee Trim, taking a look at their ranked, most common charges list can be helpful and may inspire you to take the initiative to keep more money in your own pocket.

Cutting Off Those Recurring Charges You Forgot About

Summer Job 101

FullSizeRender-27This article is good because it addresses a range of ages in the “newly employed” category.  5 Financial Tips for Newly-Employed Young People offers these ideas to best utilize money earned:

Save! Save! Save!
Learn to Budget
Get Creative
Avoid Debt
Ask For Help

Advice we should all heed, no matter where we are in our careers.