It’s All Relative

Remember the holidays when you were little?  Lots of hugs, kisses and breath taking squeezes from relatives, not to mention that one aunt who always wore bright red lipstick and left an impression on your cheek for all to see.  Navigating the holidays with small children can be difficult, especially when they appear shy or snub the advances of loved ones.  Sue Shellenbarger for the Wall Street Journal offers a variety of ways to help both your children and the relatives connect and enjoy their time together.

When Your Child Won’t Hug the Relatives

The Thought That Counts?

Ever gotten a bad gift and wondered if it was meant to hurt your feelings?  Deborah Y. Cohn, associate professor of marketing at New York Institute of Technology explores the many reasons people select certain gifts for others, often to the detriment of relationships.  Are we really that mean?  Apparently so, or we find that gifts are an easy and quiet way to tell someone what you really think.  Food for thought when shopping for next Christmas!

This is why people give bad Christmas gifts 

Resolution: Budget

10406828_10204323318941932_2429536167767405500_nIs one of your New Year’s goals to better manage your money?  Do you often find yourself stressed about your budget, or lack there of?  Want to make a real go of saving, paying-off debt and creating financial solvency?  Stephen B. Smith for Young Money offers nine suggestions to better manage your finances and to achieve your goals.  9 Nifty New Year’s Resolutions .

May you have health, wealth and happiness in 2017. 

A Little Bird Told Me

5peepyeljpg-c3f3b79c7059f81aSo it’s the dead of summer, at least here in Texas and not really anywhere near Easter but I thought we could all use a little #FridayFun in our lives.

Anyone else love Peeps candy?  They were created by the Just Born company of Brooklyn in 1953 and have been an Easter delicacy ever since.  Enjoy the Peeps trivia in this article from the AARP magazine, 11 Things You Didn’t Know About Peeps and don’t worry, if reading this makes you crave that soft, sugary treat, they sell them year round!

This Just In
Workers at the Bethlehem, PA plant where they make Peeps have walked off the job in protest of a proposed change from a pension plan to a 401K.  Might want to get your Peeps sooner rather than later.  Although, the company is reportedly hiring replacement workers to keep production up and running.
‘No pension, no Peeps:’ Strike threatens holiday candy supplies

Beg, Borrow or Buy?

catalog tools imageInvest or borrow?  Kim Myles offers great advice about when to purchase or borrow eight key items in her article, Save Money, Save Space: 8 Things to Borrow Instead of Buy.  From air mattresses to tools to serving dishes, consider her wisdom about storage space and necessity before you make that next impulse buy for a weekend guest or dinner party.

Turkey, Mashed Potatoes, Stuffing and Apps?

images-16Got turkey on your mind?  Or how you will deal with thirty guests in your house ranging from ages two to ninety-two? Wondering how you’ll juggle all those people as well as the pots on the stove?  Well, Kit Eaton for the New York Times offers solutions in this video feature: Apps to Streamline Thanksgiving at Every Step of the Process.  This Thanksgiving, your phone can be the key to celebratory bliss with apps ranging from multiple cooking timers to creative games of charades.