It’s All Relative

Remember the holidays when you were little?  Lots of hugs, kisses and breath taking squeezes from relatives, not to mention that one aunt who always wore bright red lipstick and left an impression on your cheek for all to see.  Navigating the holidays with small children can be difficult, especially when they appear shy or snub the advances of loved ones.  Sue Shellenbarger for the Wall Street Journal offers a variety of ways to help both your children and the relatives connect and enjoy their time together.

When Your Child Won’t Hug the Relatives

Money Matters

Think about the last time you shook your head or rolled your eyes at another’s financial decisions.

Ever felt like your parents spent too much on one of your siblings?

Money has a special way of bringing out our sense of fairness and our frustrations.

Michelle Singletary for The Washington Post points out that we have two choices when dealing with our feelings about others money decisions, and both require acceptance.  Family and money: A lesson in accepting what you cannot change

Turkey, Mashed Potatoes, Stuffing and Apps?

images-16Got turkey on your mind?  Or how you will deal with thirty guests in your house ranging from ages two to ninety-two? Wondering how you’ll juggle all those people as well as the pots on the stove?  Well, Kit Eaton for the New York Times offers solutions in this video feature: Apps to Streamline Thanksgiving at Every Step of the Process.  This Thanksgiving, your phone can be the key to celebratory bliss with apps ranging from multiple cooking timers to creative games of charades.

Low-Income Public Housing?

3Studies are finding that many people living in low-inclome, public housing are exceeding the income limits per individuals residing in the home.  Texas has the second highest number of families in the US whose monthly income is over this line.   In some cases these numbers are grossly inflated.  As the article states, trying to remedy this issue has many factors, one being not wanting to evict people for being successful, but this housing is often quite limited and highly sought after.  What would you do in this situation?

High-Income Texans Find Homes in Public Housing

Part-time = On-Call?

My way word cloudWhat happens when you can’t plan for work?  Thought only doctors had “on-call” hours, well think again.  It’s a rapidly spreading practice in the retail world among others and the government is now having a say, as more and more people struggle to “work” their jobs into their lives.