Team Building 101

After interviewing over 500 business leaders, managing director of Merryck & Co and author, Adam Bryant compiled this detailed list of the best practices for creating and maintaining a strong and productive team.  Start with a plan, set the rules of the road and work to foster a culture of communication and respect that goes both ways.

How to Build a Successful Team

Time to Un-Plug?

Empathy, intimacy, learning to read body language and understanding how to talk face-to-face are crucial parts of being human, but now that we spend hours in front of our tiny glowing smartphone screens, scientists fear we are losing our ability to communicate.  According to MIT sociologist Sherry Turkle, these hours devoted to Facebook, games and texts are hurting our capacity to be present with other humans.

When was the last time you chose a walk with a friend over a text or PM chat?

What are we teaching all the children who are playing on phones instead of interacting with those around them?

How Smartphones Are Killing Conversation

When I Say, “End-of-Year Review” How Does That Make You Feel?

images-15Earlier this year I posted an article citing all the issues with employee end-of-year reviews, What if you could replace performance evaluations with four simple questions?  In this Forbes spot, The Real Problem Isn’t Annual Employee Reviews – It’s Simply Management, Victor Lipman suggests that end-of-year reviews are actually a good tool as long as there is adequate communication with employees throughout the year.   What do you think?  Read both articles and see if either change your opinion.