Tax Confusion?

What will the new tax bills mean for you?  At the moment it’s not quite clear.  Accountants and tax advisors everywhere are watching with bated breath as we approach the current tax season where these new laws will take affect.  The best advice in the article? Schedule your tax professional appointment early this year.

Confused by the Tax Bills? Be Glad You’re Not an Accountant


Save Money

You can still eat steak, but cooking it at home saves at least 50%.

Ever read an article with tips for saving money and thought how easy it could be to reign in your budget?  This couple saved over $50,000 in 2014 by downsizing, eating at home more often, canceling unused subscriptions and going car free.  Although the last one is feasible only if you live in an area with public transportation, the rest are simple and applicable to all.

8 strategies for saving money from a couple that banked $50,000 last year

“We stopped a nasty habit we had of reading about great tips and then failing to implement them,” Matt writes. “Avoid our mistakes. … Literally, do something today from this list and start saving money.”


Save On Your Property Taxes

imageWere you shocked by the amount listed when you got your property appraisal in the mail recently?  Did you know that protesting the appraisal is an option?  Although not a simple process, it can be done by an individual.  If you feel you need help with the paperwork and supporting documents, there are companies available who specialize in this type of tax appeal.  You may be surprised by how much you will save on property taxes when your appraisal is lowered successfully.

2015 Tax Appraisal Tax Appeal

Beg, Borrow or Buy?

catalog tools imageInvest or borrow?  Kim Myles offers great advice about when to purchase or borrow eight key items in her article, Save Money, Save Space: 8 Things to Borrow Instead of Buy.  From air mattresses to tools to serving dishes, consider her wisdom about storage space and necessity before you make that next impulse buy for a weekend guest or dinner party.

Money Matters

10400709_1117916106937_6450_nReady for your European vacation?  There are so many amazing places to visit and sights to see, but did you know that with these seven simple tips you can make your trip run more smoothly and even save money?  Emma Miller on offers some great ideas in her article, Travel Checklist: 7 Money To-Dos to Tackle Before Your Trip.  A must read before your vacation of a lifetime this summer!