Word of Mouth

We often see social media rants about products, but do they actually represent how we feel about the brands or are they really just a way to blow off steam?  Janet Morrissey for the New York Times explores this question in her article, Brands Heed Social Media. They’re Advised Not to Forget Word of Mouth and reminds companies what studies show.  Even when we put things out for the world to see, the words from our mouths the next day may be a very different story.

If Memory Serves…

12002805_10207559757622144_3896228398302536321_nWhere were you on 9/11?  What do you remember about the exact moment you heard the news or saw the events unfolding on television?  Now think again, are you sure?  Were you really at the office or on the street, in a restaurant having coffee?  In a study begun shortly following 9/11/2001, researchers asked people these very questions.  One year, five years and ten years later, they repeated the same and found that in the years that followed, 40% changed their stories.  It is fascinating how the human mind works and takes in details from various locations such as news media and others around us.  So, where were you actually on this day fourteen years ago?

Why 40% of Americans Misremember Their 9/11 Experience