Word of Mouth

We often see social media rants about products, but do they actually represent how we feel about the brands or are they really just a way to blow off steam?  Janet Morrissey for the New York Times explores this question in her article, Brands Heed Social Media. They’re Advised Not to Forget Word of Mouth and reminds companies what studies show.  Even when we put things out for the world to see, the words from our mouths the next day may be a very different story.

What Part Does Social Media Play in Your Life?

Botón_Me_gusta.svgHow often do you check your social media accounts?  Do they play a large part in your social or business life?  You’re not alone.  According to Teddy Wayne for the New York Times, 90% of 18-29 year olds and over 75% of 30-49 year olds use social media on a daily basis.  But times may be changing as a small group of “holdouts” are eschewing social media, even as a marketing platform.  Check out why in, Holdouts of the Social Media Age.


Blessed Advertising

brazil_006American Airlines and Fiat/Chrysler Automobiles are reaping huge benefits from being the Pope’s transportation during his trip to the United States.  The intense media coverage often features shots of his plane or the various cars in which he is traveling.  “If you’re going to buy the equivalent ad space, you’re talking about millions of dollars,” observed Tim Maleeny, Havas Worldwide’s chief strategist. The fact that the Pope is photographed in or near the vehicles is providing quite an endorsement campaign for these companies.


Spice It Up, Y’all!

23493135-900x900The joke in my hometown was to give newlyweds a bottle of Tabsco sauce and then challenge them to make it as a married couple long enough to use it up completely. Or, at times people would remark, “We’ve been married two bottles worth,” meaning forever, because the stuff is so hot, who needs more than one or two drops? Ever wonder how it was invented? Well now you’ll know!

Who Made That Tabasco Sauce?

Go Beyond The Friend Zone

Facebook_like_thumb“If you’re just out there fishing for new customers, Facebook is by far the most efficient channel,” said Bob Buch, chief executive of SocialWire, a San Francisco company that helps retailers market on Facebook.

What do you think?  Have you used Facebook as part of your marketing strategy?  Does it work?  From the numbers, it appears lots of individuals and companies think so.