Empowered Employees

Looking for ways to inspire and jumpstart your team?  Turns out that micromanaging can actually stall the process and failure to delegate leaves employees feeling powerless.  For more great tips on how to help your employees achieve their fullest and to give you less stress as a manager, check out this article from Forbes Community Voice, 10 Ways You Can Start Empowering Your Employees.

When I Say, “End-of-Year Review” How Does That Make You Feel?

images-15Earlier this year I posted an article citing all the issues with employee end-of-year reviews, What if you could replace performance evaluations with four simple questions?  In this Forbes spot, The Real Problem Isn’t Annual Employee Reviews – It’s Simply Management, Victor Lipman suggests that end-of-year reviews are actually a good tool as long as there is adequate communication with employees throughout the year.   What do you think?  Read both articles and see if either change your opinion.