It’s All Relative

Remember the holidays when you were little?  Lots of hugs, kisses and breath taking squeezes from relatives, not to mention that one aunt who always wore bright red lipstick and left an impression on your cheek for all to see.  Navigating the holidays with small children can be difficult, especially when they appear shy or snub the advances of loved ones.  Sue Shellenbarger for the Wall Street Journal offers a variety of ways to help both your children and the relatives connect and enjoy their time together.

When Your Child Won’t Hug the Relatives

To the Ends of the Earth: High Plains to Patagonia

Today I have a book recommendation for you from an author whom I’ve known for many years.  Check it out by following the link below!

51MeaShXveL._SX331_BO1,204,203,200_To the Ends of the Earth: High Plains to Patagonia

—-On the road to seek work in the cotton fields of Texas, an old Ford Model T truck breaks down and forces a change of destination that ultimately leads the protagonists to the Argentine Patagonia. Follow the anecdote-driven story of a devoted couple who spent their childhood in the U.S. Southwest during the Great Depression, met and married during World War II, and together undertook a lifelong journey of adventure and service.

Having an “Office Space” Moment?

man-in-prison-behind-bars-jail Pop-culture has led us to believe that we are entitled to well paying, enjoyable jobs in a fun office environment with quirky co-workers and a boss who appreciates our every talent.  What happens when our jobs are far from this fairytale?  Turns out, we can take steps to make our employment work for us and possibly even make ourselves better humans in the process.