When I Grow Up…

Have you ever reached a crossroads and wondered what you should be doing with your life?  Tim Herrera for the New York Times offers these five tips to help you along the path.

–Start by looking backward
–Decide what ‘meaningful’ means to you
–Build a personal “board of directors,” a financial cushion, and take time to reflect
–Find a sponsor, not just a mentor
–Collect experience and be generous

In the article, 5 Tips to Help You Figure Out What to Do With Your Life, Tim delves deeper into each of these categories, defining the roles of a sponsor verses  mentor and gives insight into ways to construct your own group of trusted confidants.  A recommended read for anyone currently pondering their future.

Accountant/Gallery Owner/Musician

10403785_478368908960769_1804956770249255343_oWhat do you wish you could do if you had the time?  Ever thought about making it part of your daily routine?  These young professionals are doing just that and finding great excitement and fulfillment.  Kind of sounds like a lot of work!


The Lives of Millennial Career Jugglers

Part-time = On-Call?

My way word cloudWhat happens when you can’t plan for work?  Thought only doctors had “on-call” hours, well think again.  It’s a rapidly spreading practice in the retail world among others and the government is now having a say, as more and more people struggle to “work” their jobs into their lives.