Portfolio Planning

Wondering about Bitcoin?  Consider first if it fits within your investment portfolio.  Carl Richards for the New York Times reminds us that investing is very different than speculating.  Our decisions should be based on the process and not the outcome, which no one can actually predict.  Plan your goals and focus on diversification and then decide if Bitcoin or any other investment opportunity is right for you.

Are you a Gambler?

water-coolerConcerned about the current state of the market?  Not sure is you should hold ’em or fold ’em?
Walk away or run?

David Yeske, a financial planner in San Francisco, recently sent out a calming note to his clients explaining that downturns are inevitable, but he offered another strategy. He offered some “fun and uplifting” distractions from the scary headlines, and he provided links to videos featuring a rendition of “Stand by Me,” and a flash mob.

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Market Turbulence Serves as Reminder to Tread Lightly