Are You Oily?

How do you feel about essentials oils?  Ever given them a try, just to see?  What do you think about Multi-level Marketing businesses?   Young Living and DoTerra, the two leading essential oil companies share a deep and ‘colorful’ past.  Rachel Monroe for the New Yorker offers an in-depth history of the men who started both groups, as well as a personal look into what the people who sell their products actually gain from being part of these marketing schemes.

How Essential Oils Became the Cure for Our Age of Anxiety


Health Care Free Market?

Exactly what does it mean to have a health care free market? According to Farzon A. Nahvi for the New York Times, it would involve an adjustment in our sensibilities about life and death.  He based this assessment on the patients sent to his ER by well meaning bystanders who called EMS when they found people unconscious on the street.  As a community are we prepared to look the other way and not try to help?

Don’t Leave Health Care to a Free Market

Oh Baby!

Below are two business models for the sale and distribution of fresh, organic baby food.


From their website:  Kelly Grant and Noelle Newby founded The Baby Kitchen out of a desire to bring whole, healthy nutrition to our city’s youngest eaters.

They provide incredibly delicious, healthy baby food without all the additives and hidden ingredients. Their food is prepared fresh, then frozen immediately into one-ounce portions that enable you to thaw only what your baby will eat, so there is never any waste from unfinished jars. All  food is handmade to order in a professional commercial kitchen. Small batches ensure quality and consistency.  And for your convenience, The Baby Kitchen delivers food to your home! They purchase from local Austin are farmers whenever possible.


Freed Foods, which was founded as Freed Foods LLC in 2009, develops a line of dehydrated baby foods called NurturMe. The organic, gluten-free food is sold in serving-size pouches and rehydrated with water, baby formula or mother’s milk, according to the company’s website.