Portfolio Planning

Wondering about Bitcoin?  Consider first if it fits within your investment portfolio.  Carl Richards for the New York Times reminds us that investing is very different than speculating.  Our decisions should be based on the process and not the outcome, which no one can actually predict.  Plan your goals and focus on diversification and then decide if Bitcoin or any other investment opportunity is right for you.

Spending Plans to Achieve Your Dreams

tile_budget_heroIn this 2013 article by Stacy Johnson, founder of Money Talks News, he shares ways to develop a spending plan for your life that will help drive you toward your goals.  Stacy suggests thinking backward to specific, fulfilling experiences and creating your plan of action based on the happy moments in your life.  Once you have a clear idea of what you want, the spending plan is no longer about deprivation but about achieving your dreams.

How to Develop an Effortless Budget You’ll Stick To