Home Office Deductions

As we enter tax season, it’s time to examine a variety of deductions you may be eligible to take.  Home office deductions are a simple way to recoup money when using your home as an office space.   Those who are self-employed or part of an LLC have one form to complete this process, but S-Corp brings a new challenge.  Thank you to wilsonrogers.net for this detailed description of how to legally claim this important deduction.

S-Corp Home Office Deduction

Grandparents Help With College

Grandparents Help With CollegeAs college expenses continue to increase, grandparents are beginning to step-in and offer assistance to their grandchildren. John F. Wasik, for the New York Times offers sound advice for those wishing to help with their grandchildren’s college expenses.   The Best Way to Help a Grandchild With College.  There are many aspects to be considered in order to maximize your monetary support of a student, such as when the money is applied or whose name appears on the account.  Read the full article to learn more about the amazing gift of higher-education that you can share with your grandchildren.