Empowered Employees

Looking for ways to inspire and jumpstart your team?  Turns out that micromanaging can actually stall the process and failure to delegate leaves employees feeling powerless.  For more great tips on how to help your employees achieve their fullest and to give you less stress as a manager, check out this article from Forbes Community Voice, 10 Ways You Can Start Empowering Your Employees.

Talk, Talk

Employee Manipulation?

After a string of issues involving both customer and driver dissatisfaction, Uber has vowed to make new investments into the driver experience.  But even as they talk about changes, the company is still engaged in a massive behavioral experiment in order to entice drivers to work more and longer hours, at times in less lucrative areas.

Noam Schreiber for the New York Times thinks that, “By mastering their workers’ mental circuitry, Uber and the like may be taking the economy back toward a pre-New Deal era when businesses had enormous power over workers and few checks on their ability to exploit it.”   Read more here: How Uber Uses Psychological Tricks to Push Its Drivers’ Buttons

Overtime and Fair Pay

gotovertimeEver sat at work on a weekend or late in the evening wondering why you didn’t qualify for overtime?  Salary threshold rules have not been adjusted for inflation since 1975 and currently reflect a maximum amount of $23,660 per year.  The new proposed changes to the law would raise this limit to $47,476 per year, allowing a larger segment of the salaried population to qualify for paid overtime.  As this legislation is coming at the end of President Obama’s term, it remains to be seen how it will fare with a new administration, but for the moment this is one more step toward fair pay for a whole new set of employees.

Making Overtime Fair Again

Industry Standard Paid Leave

qZtjvImMIf you are/were a working mother, how long was your maternity leave?  Did your spouse also receive any time off after your child’s birth?  Although some companies have been offering parental leave for many years, it’s nothing like what is happening at Netflix who is now becoming an industry leader for offering any new parents paid leave during the entire first year of their child’s life.  Sound amazing and a little crazy?  Well, it’s based on research showing that employees who are not worried about home life are more efficient and productive.  Imagine being able to have your cake and eat it too.