A Little Auto-Reply Laugh

We all need a little levity at one time or another.  Just like we need to unplug from our devices.  Getting ready for the holidays?  Check out these creative and humorous email, auto-replies in Tim Herrera’s article, Your Best Ways to Say ‘Sorry, I’m Out of the Office’.

April “Fools?”

chiquita-dm2-minion-jerry-tongueDid you get a minion mic drop in your inbox this April Fools?  Google’s famous elaborate April Fool’s pranks may have finally gone too far.  This year, the idea was that you could select the “Mic drop” button on Gmail and send a .gif of a minion dropping a realistic mic.  After sending, no other replies from that mail stream would come back to you.  Conversation over, the end.  What an amazing way to handle a never ending work email, right?  Turns out that the “Mic drop” button was a little too close to the send button, causing quite a few misfires to clients and bosses.  Oops.  After a myriad of complaints on their Google forum, the button was removed and an apology issued.

What do you think?  Did they go too far or do we all take ourselves just a little too seriously in this day and age of electronic communication?

April Fools’ Undo: Gmail Removes Its ‘Mic Drop’ Feature