Tips For Personal Finances When the Fed Hikes Rates

With the recent rise of the benchmark federal funds rate, Karla Bowsher for Money Talks News suggests three simple steps individuals can take to reduce the impact on their finances.

  1.  Look for a better credit card rate.
  2. Lock in a mortgage rate.
  3. Compare rates on savings (plans and funds).

This is the third hike in recent months following an eight year period where the rates were held in a range of zero to 0.25.  For more information on how to best utilize these tips, read the full article here, The Fed Hikes Rates Again: 3 Steps You Should Take Now.

Just Who Are You Paying?

CreditCardLogos_000How many recurring charges are on your credit card at the moment? You may be surprised.  A new service, Trim, will scan your bills, produce a list of these payments and cancel ones you wish to no longer utilize.  This is a free service from Trim as they attempt to build a client base for their personal finance assistance business.  Even if you choose not to employee Trim, taking a look at their ranked, most common charges list can be helpful and may inspire you to take the initiative to keep more money in your own pocket.

Cutting Off Those Recurring Charges You Forgot About

Save Now, Save Later

pink_piggy_bank250x250Up for a challenge?  Then give “No-Spend-November” a try.  Be part of this new trend and see what it can do for you.  The woman featured in the article says it saved her finances and even helped her get on the path to saving for various goals.  Just imagine if skipping the takeout for a month could free up the cash to pay-off a credit card or finance that trip you’ve been wanting to take?  Would you be willing to try it?  You know you want to, so get thinking and stop spending!

No-Spend November’ Can Help You Find Leaks in Your Budget

DIY Just Got A Whole New Meaning

catalog tools imageThe world of credit card fraud is big business and with “buyers” willing to pay fifty plus dollars per card number, why would the cyber thieves want to stop?  The industry has grown in such mega-proportions, taking down large retailers like the Target.  But the Target breech of last December, which was detected in three weeks, has nothing on the current scheme that is being linked to Home Depot and may have been happening since April.   One of the nations largest do-it-yourself retailers obviously needs some better ‘tools’ for protection.

Path of Stolen Credit Cards Leads Back to Home Depot Stores