Save A Penny, Watch It Grow

Did you know that saving $667.95 in a year is as easy as putting your spare change into a jar each night?  With this simple formula and free printable provided by Smart School House, you could be on your way to a great weekend trip or some extra Christmas cheer.  It also makes a good savings activity for children.  Try it and let us know how it goes for you!


Sharing the Gift of Sharing

Tis the season for giving…

FullSizeRender-27Want to help your teenager or younger child learn more about sharing what they have?  Ron Leiber for the New York Times has great recommendations for talking to children about your family’s legacy of both giving and receiving, a history of why you feel it is important to share what you have with others and he offers a simple plan for explaining exactly how you divide the money between various charities.

Six Ways to Give the Gift of Generosity to Children and Teenagers

Progressive and Evangelical?

lsIs it possible to have a church that both holds to the doctrine of scripture and is open to all?  Sounds like the kind of place we’d all like to attend.  A church where the doors are open for all, the sermons biblically based with a refreshing twist on the classic stories and no secret code of membership.  One church working toward this model is Hillhurst United Church in Calgary, Canada.  Check out the story in Christian Century, Biblical, evangelical—and progressive.  What do you think?  Are they headed in the right direction?

Instagram, Snapchat, LinkedIn?

unnamed-2Many teenagers are now creating LinkedIn profiles in order to share a more “adult” view of their achievements with colleges and universities during the admissions process.   Some question the health of having our children so future-focused, while others make a living teaching students how to tailor these profiles to best showcase their skills and achievements.  What do you think?  In the current climate of highly competitive college admissions, should you pull out all the stops in an effort to land the college of your dreams?

New Item on the College Admission Checklist: LinkedIn Profile

Have You Written a Money Letter?

imageDear Reader,

Did you know that writing a simple “money” letter to your children will have more of an impact on their spending habits than just telling them your thoughts and feelings about money?

This week, why not think back to your biggest money successes and failures (these are often most helpful), put pen to paper and send your child a note that can have a deep and lasting effect on their lives?  If you’re lucky, they’ll listen to your advice and you might even find yourself featured in a book, like Gail Shearer did when her daughter Kimberly wrote the book, Smart Mom, Rich Mom, based on the money letter she received from her mother.

Need advice on just what to say?  Check out this article from the New York Times, The Money Letter That Every Parent Should Write.  

Industry Standard Paid Leave

qZtjvImMIf you are/were a working mother, how long was your maternity leave?  Did your spouse also receive any time off after your child’s birth?  Although some companies have been offering parental leave for many years, it’s nothing like what is happening at Netflix who is now becoming an industry leader for offering any new parents paid leave during the entire first year of their child’s life.  Sound amazing and a little crazy?  Well, it’s based on research showing that employees who are not worried about home life are more efficient and productive.  Imagine being able to have your cake and eat it too.

Part-time = On-Call?

My way word cloudWhat happens when you can’t plan for work?  Thought only doctors had “on-call” hours, well think again.  It’s a rapidly spreading practice in the retail world among others and the government is now having a say, as more and more people struggle to “work” their jobs into their lives.