Tax Confusion?

What will the new tax bills mean for you?  At the moment it’s not quite clear.  Accountants and tax advisors everywhere are watching with bated breath as we approach the current tax season where these new laws will take affect.  The best advice in the article? Schedule your tax professional appointment early this year.

Confused by the Tax Bills? Be Glad You’re Not an Accountant


Last Minute Tax Prep?

Did you wait until the last minute to prepare your taxes this year?  You do have an extra three days, the deadline is April 18th.  Have questions?  Need to know about forms and deductions?  Try this article from the New York Times and if that doesn’t get you where you need to be,
give me a call!

Our Best Guidance for Filing Your Tax Return

It’s Tax Day, Hug Your CPA

Tax-FormToday is one of the most stressful dates for many Americans.  April 15th, Tax Day brings all kinds of worries for those who have waited to complete their tax forms and not sought the help of a CPA.  On the other hand, accountants are just coming to the end of an extremely busy work season.  Maureen Schwartz offers a humorous view of living with a CPA during this time and how best to care for them.  Happy tax season and raise a glass to your and all CPAs in the US this monumental day!  The 10 simple rules of caring for your CPA this busy season

Do You Need An Accountant For Your Small Business?

Screen Shot 2015-11-12 at 4.47.04 PMAnyone starting their own business knows that keeping costs down is of vital importance.  Alyssa Gregory encourages new business owners to consider twenty-one areas where accountants will make their lives easier.  In her article, Do I Need An Accountant, she provides a useful checklist and summary of items required for new start-ups, such as opening business bank accounts, governmental forms and classification of contractors vs. employees.  In her assessment, knowing when to enlist the help of a professional is key to creating and maintaing fiscal health.