It’s Business, Not Personal

As much as we all dream of companies who serve the greater good, supply amazing products and  make money, it’s an almost unachievable business plan.  Started as a marketplace for vintage arts and crafts, Etsy went public in 2015 and slowly began shifting its focus away from original tenants and toward making money.

Inside the Revolution at Etsy

Are You Oily?

How do you feel about essentials oils?  Ever given them a try, just to see?  What do you think about Multi-level Marketing businesses?   Young Living and DoTerra, the two leading essential oil companies share a deep and ‘colorful’ past.  Rachel Monroe for the New Yorker offers an in-depth history of the men who started both groups, as well as a personal look into what the people who sell their products actually gain from being part of these marketing schemes.

How Essential Oils Became the Cure for Our Age of Anxiety


A Little Auto-Reply Laugh

We all need a little levity at one time or another.  Just like we need to unplug from our devices.  Getting ready for the holidays?  Check out these creative and humorous email, auto-replies in Tim Herrera’s article, Your Best Ways to Say ‘Sorry, I’m Out of the Office’.

Interview Questions

Ever had an interview that felt like an interrogation?  Most managers agree that this time should be a way to learn more about the prospective employee and to offer them a safe space to ask questions about the company.  Often, similar questions are used in this process but they might not always mean what you think.  Rich Bellis for FastCompany, offers his advice for what interviewers  actually hope to hear when they ask these questions.  The Secret Meanings Behind Four Of The Most Common Interview Questions.

Empowered Employees

Looking for ways to inspire and jumpstart your team?  Turns out that micromanaging can actually stall the process and failure to delegate leaves employees feeling powerless.  For more great tips on how to help your employees achieve their fullest and to give you less stress as a manager, check out this article from Forbes Community Voice, 10 Ways You Can Start Empowering Your Employees.

Musicians Filing Taxes

Here in #ATX, the self-proclaimed, “Music Capital of the World,” we play host to all levels of musicians.  This article from Tom Tom magazine offers a great look at best practices for filling taxes as a working musician.   Drummer and owner of Math LLC, a tax preparation service, Emily Kingan, gives detailed information on all things money from handling cash transactions to dealing with a multi-facited career.  Tips from an Accountant: The Best Way for Musicians to Do Their Taxes.  

Real or Fake?

After the Equifax information breach, many of their customers were encouraged to visit a site containing consumer updates and security information.  Instead of creating a page from the Equifax domain, the company spawned a new page, one that was easily copied, leaving their clients yet again at risk.  Nick Sweeting, a software engineer proved this point when he created a clone of their page.  His version was so convincing that a representative of Equifax even tweeted the web address (three separate times) he had created.  Sweeting’s page alerted people that it was a fake since his intent was not to steal information but to spotlight the fact that Equifax had created yet another cyber hazard.

Someone Made a Fake Equifax Site. Then Equifax Linked to It.

More Women In Tech

Companies often say they desire a more diverse workplace without really understanding how to achieve this goal.   Katherine Zaleski, in Opinions for the New York Times highlights the fact that small changes in the interview process can make a huge difference.  From making sure the panel includes one woman, to perks that are mentioned, such as maternal leave and child care subsidy.

The Maddeningly Simple Way Tech Companies Can Employ More Women


Health Care Free Market?

Exactly what does it mean to have a health care free market? According to Farzon A. Nahvi for the New York Times, it would involve an adjustment in our sensibilities about life and death.  He based this assessment on the patients sent to his ER by well meaning bystanders who called EMS when they found people unconscious on the street.  As a community are we prepared to look the other way and not try to help?

Don’t Leave Health Care to a Free Market

Why The Back Story Matters

It’s no secret that companies spend millions on branding and advertising, but having an actual story of the entrepreneur’s ‘climb to success’ may boost sales even when people don’t initially like the product.  According to Charles Duhigg for the New York Times, Yoplait Learns to Manufacture Authenticity to Go With Its Yogurt. Yoplait yogurt, a subsidiary of General Mills, continues their journey in an effort to produce a sense of authenticity for their new product Oui.  Single-serve yogurt, created in the French style served in a glass jar.

Will these changes finally give the company the historical connection they’ve been seeking?

Have you tried Oui?  Leave your impressions in the comments section.